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Dreamland psychic \ About Dreamland Since 2001.
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I have been interpretating dreams free of charge since the year 2001, Back than i opened a small yet, great website named "Dreamland" because i wanted to help people from all over the world to understanding the meanings of their dreams.

Because of Dreamland`s visitors demands, I decided to take dreamland one step further, and since 2008 made it better and bigger: You can find here new information about dreams and even browse 10,000 interpretations of dream symbols. You can also participate in the dream dairy project by submitting your dream to the dream contest. If you want free personal dream interpretation just fill this form.

The old look of Dreamland website: old dreamland - dream interpretation since 2001

Credits goes to:

Lucid dreams guide - Erin J. Wamsley .
OBE - Neil cristopher.
Domhoff, G. W. (2000) - Dreams and Parapsychology.
Namkhai Norbu and Michael Katz - yoga and dreams.
Cory Gann and Suite K, Greenbush - the stary tunnel. Gustavus Hindman Miller, 1901 - What's in a Dream?
Lars faq for the information about various dreams subjects.
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Dreamland psychic \ About Dreamland Since 2001.

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