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Psychic Dreams and their interpretations have been a big mystery to us since mankind exists And they have always fascinated us. We can learn alot from our dreams about ourselves (in the past, present and future), our environment, our health, mental situation, feelings and more...

Psychic Dreamland is the only place that will help you interpret dreams, by dream dictionary including 10,000 different interpretations and meanings of dream symbols, learn special methods of self dream analysis, reveal the interpret and meaning of common dreams such as falling teeth, flying, falling, chase, test and more.

You will also find here psychic interpretation of special dream themes like colors, numbers, animals, food, houses, ocean, forest and etc.... If after all you still dont understand the meanings of your dream, send it to me and i`ll interpret your dream for free, as a part of the dream diary project and the dream contest.

Control Dreams, Psychic Dreamland will also guide you to have lucid dreams - control your dreams by dream recall and being aware that you are dreaming. And other mysterious phenomenon related to the dream world such as obe, travel out of your body, nde, prophetic and paranormal dreams, Hypnogogic Images and yoga dreams.

How to get a good night sleep and overcome nightmares, night terrors of children and adults, sleep disorders and much more about dream theories, dream research and dream folkore from all over the world.


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